1)Security Guarding

A physical Guarding service is based on the support and communications between internal – officers, site and operations managers – and external – you, the client.

Our well trained Security Guards help to maintain and create "Feel Secure" environment for the management and employees by their manners and etiquettes, round the clock surveillance on the perimeter and internal assets, information sharing and communication skills.

We, at Secure-911, first learn and understand the exact requirement of the client before providing Security Services.

Security Survey

On understanding the requirement, we undertake a security survey of the premises and offer our recommendations to client.

Recruitment and Training

We impart specialized training to the selected personnel at our Security Training Schools. Assessment of all the security personnel through a written and aptitude test is conducted on completion of the training program.


On successful completion of the specialized training, we deploy these personnel to undergo seven days practical training. We also impart Refresher Training Capsules at regular intervals.

Validation Process

A performance Operational Audit is conducted on completion of One-month deployment. The observations made during the Operational audit are shared with the client and required changes are made as per the requirement.

Customer Care

During the course of the contract, our Corporate Customer Care cell contacts the client on regular basis to obtain feedback on services rendered to consistently improve the quality of the services.

2)Event Security Management

Wherever there are people in a workplace or whenever an organization is accountable as controller of premises then successful public safety management is a key requirement of overall operations of any event.

Secure-911 has wide reaching experience in providing security to all categories of events, for which we have a structured and dedicated operations and administration setup for management of events including corporate events, promotional events, exhibitions and trade fairs, industry events, media launches, concert events and dance events.

Secure-911 with its dedicated setup of operations and administration personnel provide infrastructure to support event services by firstly considering the event specific demographics, integrated asset security management, crowd management, public safety and occupational health safety measures and protection of key personnel.

Secure-911 offer following services to event security management:

  • Site and Venue Layout Consulting
  • Transport, Traffic and Pedestrian Management
  • Crowd Management and Segregation Management
  • Operational Communications
  • Emergency Management
  • General Safety and Hazard identification

Secure-911 has extensive experience of 25 years of managing corporate events,, Annual General Meetings of Large Corporate houses, Concert Events of renowned artists and large scale public gatherings like high profile marriage functions and Promotional events.